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We offer a full panel beating service for steel work, our panel beaters work on a contract basis and supply a seperate invoice for the work. We are happy to supply a copy of the invoice as we do not mark up the price for this work.  (bumpers & trim).

All silverware and trophies from small to large are repaired by our own full time silversmith in house, these repairs are to the highest standard and are completed at very reasonable rates.

Silverware is generally a base metal that is Electroplated with 98% pure silver plating. This can usually be identified by a stamp on the base or side of the silverware.

"E.P.N.S. Electroplated Nickel Silver" or "E.P.B.M. Electroplated Britannia Metal".


N.S. or nickel silver is actually a white brass or brass with a high nickel content.

This type of silverware is very easy to repair and can be welded with a high quality silver solder. E.P.B.M. or electroplated Britannia metal is actually a lead, zinc and antimony based alloy (muck metal) but don't be deceived by the "muck metal", the silverware that is made of E.P.B.M. is usually of the highest quality. E.P.B.M. is also the most difficult to repair.

Britannia metal has a melting point of 160°C, which is 20°C less than the soft solder we use to repair the damaged area.

This can cause a problem with welding. We fix this by using a localized heat source with cooling fluids and a lot of sweat (and sometimes tears).

Four Stages To Repair & Restore an EPNS Sugar Bowl

Stage 1. Assess repair work required

sugar bowl stage 1

Stage 2. Repair handle and re-shape sugar bowl

sugar bowl stage 2

Stage 3. Manually polish

sugar bowl stage 3

Stage 4. Silver plate (EPNS)

sugar bowl stage 4

151 Ellis St, Frankton, Hamilton, NZ (Map)