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 Precious Metal Plating

We have improved our silver plating facility to enable us to process larger items, such as serving trays up to 700mm in length by 400mm wide.precious metal plating

Our gold bath can now plate items up to 450mm in length by 300mm wide.

We now have a full time gold and silver plater who has been in the business for 34 years, and all work is completed to the highest standard. Our gallery page features some examples of gold and silver plating work.

We also offer a full repair service for items prior to plating, to give the best possible result.

Gold plating requires less maintenance than silver or brass plating, and is particularly suitable if you are in an environment where it is difficult to prevent items tarnishing. Rotorua is an excellent example of where gold plating provides superior resistance to the elements. Silver plating will tarnish (turn black) overnight in places such as Rotorua. This can not be prevented.

We will not lacquer gold or silver work, as it spoils the effect of the high quality plating, and may make it more difficult to effect repairs in the future, should this be required.

151 Ellis St, Frankton, Hamilton, NZ (Map)