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 Electroplating Process

You can view the steps taken to electroplate an item by clicking here.

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating can be defined as the deposit of a very thin layer of metal to a base metal to enhance or change its appearance. Electroplating is done in a liquid solution known as a "plating bath". The plating bath is a specially designed chemical bath that has the desired metal (ie. silver, gold, nickel or chrome) dissolved in solution.

The plating bath solution serves as a conductive medium and utilizes a low DC voltage. The metal item that is to be plated is submerged into the plating bath and a low voltage DC current is applied to the bath.

The electrolytic process then causes the dissolved metal ions to attach to the surface of the metal being plated. The thickness of the electroplated layer is determined by the time the item is in the plating bath while current is applied. Sometimes the shape and contour of the item can affect the thickness of the plated layer. Metal objects with sharp corners and edges will tend to have thicker plating on the outside corners and thinner plating in the recessed areas.

Some of the benefits of electroplating are:

Corrosion resistance and increased durability
Chrome, nickel and silver plating can produce a mirror like finish
Increased conductivity or solderability

Pricing for all electroplating services is determined by numerous factors such as the type of plating (ie. gold, silver, chrome etc), desired thickness of the plating, the metal substrate (ie. steel, copper alloys, aluminum), the rough dimensions of the object to be plated and the number of items to be plated.

Since the plating process does not hide or mask surface imperfections, the item usually needs to be polished prior to plating.

If you are a producer of "one of a kind" metal objects or a manufacturer with a new product line, we can help you with specific plating solutions and suggestions to enhance the beauty and value of your objects.

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151 Ellis St, Frankton, Hamilton, NZ (Map)